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Episode presents players with dozens of animated stories where their choices matter.  Episode also empowers writers to write and animate their own stories for our community.  Download Episode on the Apple Appstore , Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. or if you’re interested in writing for the app, check out the writer’s portal. Episode Interactive is a division of Pocket Gems.

Current Stories

  • Ugly Americans  

    Comedy Central’s cult favorite animated series is back from the undead, with a new app featuring original stories set in the Ugly Americans world, written by the show’s creators! Play as social worker Mark Lilly as you help new American citizens, both human and “other,” adapt to hectic life in New York City. There are easier tasks than weaning vampires off blood, socializing land whales, and housebreaking werewolves, but you’re up to the challenge!

  • Hollywood Crush  

    Ella is ready for her big hollywood debut…until she finds out it’s all a ruse to ruin her name!  Hollywood is a dangerous place of deep loyalties and dangerous betrayals.  Can you help Ella get her name in lights?  Or will she just end up all washed up?  Find out in Hollywood Crush!

  • Campus Crush  

    It’s your first day at a new campus, and already life couldn’t be harder.  Your scholarship is threatened, your abilities challenged, and you haven’t even gotten through your first day!  Can you navigate the troubles of class, ancestry, and dating without getting expelled!  Find out in Campus Crush!

  • Rich Witches  

    When 3 high school girls come upon an ancient text, it awakens powers within them they never knew existed.  But power always comes with a cost.  Can they survive both high school and these new found talents?  You decide in Rich Witches!

  • In A Perfect World  

    Haven’t you always wished your life could be like a romantic comedy?  What if you woke up one day and it was?  When Paige wakes up in her favorite romcom, she things all her dreams have been answered.  But when the story starts to change, she realizes this may actually be a nightmare!  Paige must decide between her first true love and her friends’ survival!

  • Stranded at Sea  

    6 strangers take a week-long tropical cruise, thinking they’re headed to paradise!  After a sudden disaster at sea, they wash up on a deserted island, the only survivors.  Can they overcome their differences and survive the dangers that await in the islands’ abandoned laboratories?  And are they really abandoned?  Find out as you play one of the survivors in Stranded At Sea.

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