• Secret Passages: Hidden Objects

    Released June 2013, in Secret Passages: Hidden Objects, players explore ancient worlds with the brave adventurer Maddie. Players journey through mysterious secret passages that connect the greatest civilizations in history and search hidden object scenes, find clues, and uncover the world's greatest mysteries.

  • Epic Empire: A Hero's Quest

    Released November 2013, in Epic Empire: A Hero's Quest, players take command of a military outpost on the edge of civilization! Players battle against merciless hordes of bandits, barbarian raiders, and more as your outpost grows and thrives under your fearless leadership.

  • Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

    Released August 2013, in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, players explore mysterious islands and rescue stranded animals that need help! Exotic creatures are stranded on flooded islands and players bring them safely home to build an animal paradise! Animal Voyage integrates many gameplay features in a new and unique way including collection, puzzle and exploration.

  • Tap Paradise Cove

    Released March 2012, in Tap Paradise Cove, players build a thriving island settlement while exploring uncharted territory and new worlds in this first of its kind exploration simulation game. New features include new worlds, Atlantis and Asgard. Tap Paradise Cove has consistently been in the Top grossing apps on iOS for more than 70 weeks.

  • Campus Life

    Released August 2012, Campus Life was the first isometric campus simulation mobile game. Campus life was one of the top 100 grossing iOS apps on iOS of 2012. At this college, the party never stops as you recruit the smartest girls, star athletes and crazy partiers! Have a luau on the beach, host sorority formals, and live the campus life you always dreamed of!

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Current Games