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Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest

Take command of a military outpost on the edge of civilization! Battle against merciless hordes of bandits, barbarian raiders, and more as your outpost grows and thrives under your fearless leadership. Gather the world’s greatest heroes under your banner in your noble quest to bring glory to your kingdom and eradicate the barbarian threat!

Epic Emire

Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest


Conquer deadly barbarians and ensure your kingdom’s dominance! 

  • Battle deadly enemies in fast-paced ACTIVE COMBAT!
  • Collect vast quantities of loot from your fallen opponents!
  • Recruit mighty heroes with all new equipment and abilities!
  • Explore various regions in a beautifully rendered, expansive world!
  • Equip hundreds of weapons and armor to strengthen and customize your heroes!
  • Forge your old gear into your new gear using the blacksmith to increase its power!
  • Lead your military outpost to glorious victory as it expands into a powerful kingdom!