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Pocket Gems works with a select set of  developers to bring games to the market that delight and entertain players across the world.  We help with everything from product design, QA, localization to analytics, user acquisition and PR. If you are looking for the right partner to publish your mobile game, get in touch. Check out news on PG Publishing.

Published Games

  • RoboQuest  


    Dodge and destroy enemy bots!

    Dodge and destroy enemy bots. Shoot missiles and pick up gears on the run. Collect gold nuts for extra points. Complete missions to buy higher-end weapons and utilities to kick some major enemy butt! With multiple upgrades including the Tank, the Jet and the Mighty Zeus, and a variety of guns including the Shotgun, the Flamethrower, and the Laser Blaster, for blast every bot you see into smithereens.

  • Airport Scanner  

    Airport Scanner

    Scan carry-on luggage to find illegal items and get flights on time!

    Everyday at the airport is busy and hidden among the impatient travelers are a bunch of bad guys trying to bring all kinds of bad stuff onto flights. It’s your job to scan the carry-on luggage, find the illegal items and get flights out on time with a trio of burly TSA agents that will lay down the pain on any troublemakers.

  • Chasing Yello  

    Chasing Yello

    Help Yello taste freedom

     7-year-old Mathilda lets her helpless goldfish, Yello, taste freedom in the local wild creek. Help Yello to escape Mathilda and navigate the poor fish through a rough adventure in the dangerous river filled with rocks, burning logs and piranhas! 

  • Amazing Ants  

    Amazing Ants

    Join the Amazing Ants in their quest for fruit!

    Join the Amazing Ants in their eternal quest for fruit. THEY NEED YOU! Make these jumping ants FLY with Rocket Sticks, TUNNEL underground, FLOAT in soap bubbles, and BOUNCE off water sprinklers to get golden apples, luscious berries, and much more!

  • SheepUp!  

    Jump into a vibrant and colorful adventure inside a cardboard box! Baaaa! Sheep Up! is an original and humorous puzzle platformer complete with  multi-directional tilt control gameplay, a huge variety of levels, many cool power-ups, colorful and enjoyable settings, an original soundtrack, and much more.

What We Do

We want to help. Our dedicated team will work with you to create a customized plan that often includes:

  • Providing advice on how to make your game even more fun and monetize effectively
  • Giving access to our backend tools and proprietary analytics system
  • Providing support for QA and localization
  • Building a marketing, PR, and launch plan for the game
  • Using our network of 150M+ downloads to cross promote your game
  • Marketing your game across dozens of mobile ad networks, exchanges, and direct partners
  • Using data, after launch, from your game and our analytics system to help tune your game and identify areas for growth

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