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At Pocket Gems, we are focused on pushing the boundary of what is possible on mobile. Mobile games are constantly getting better by leaps and bounds, but they are still underpowered compared to other platforms. We’re trying to change that by tackling a range of intricate mobile challenges to enhance our players’ experiences including faster processing, better graphics and complex data collection.

Read the Engineering blog

Challenges We're Tackling

  • Lazy loading content due to app size – we’re constantly trying to get the app size smaller
  • Optimizing our algorithms to give our users the best possible experience
  • Use the GPU efficiently to show tons of animations and textures on screen
  • Intelligent caching of data and textures in memory so that we have the right data available at the right time
  • Priority aware background fetch of content updates over network, so that we have the right content at the right time
  • CPU to crunch through game logic at the right time
  • Pushing petabytes of new content to users daily
  • Perfecting 3D animation and real-time multiplayer gameplay features
  • Ingesting billions of data points about how our users play
  • Processing the data through machine learning to make users’ experiences better
  • Supporting cross-platform, worldwide launches to millions of players
  • Locating and potentially stealing other teams couches
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  • Paritosh  

    Mobile is leading the next wave of technology innovation, and Pocket Gems' leadership in mobile entertainment puts us squarely at the forefront of this opportunity. I love being a part of that.

    - Paritosh

  • Ashik  

    We work in very small teams, so we always make an impact. We move fast, and we're constantly shipping. One of our engineers even built and shipped a feature her first week that shot monetization and app usage through the roof. It feels great to have this kind of impact and feedback from our community instantly.

    - Ashik

  • Anjali  

    People at Pocket Gems are really friendly and some of the smartest that I have had the privilege to work with. It's a very collaborative environment, but also there is freedom to work independently and really own the projects that you work on.

    - Anjali