Game Design

The Design Team is all about getting players into the FUN as smoothly as possible! We make wireframes, design systems, and create prototypes that provide a foundation for the game. With player testing and UX analysis, we design to surprise, delight, and entertain our players! We partner with product managers and artists to create and bring to life new features. We also create the narratives and stories that get our players excited about playing our games.

Challenges We're Tackling

  • Developing new game vision or features
  • Clearing guideposts and removing barriers to ensure play experience is smooth and seamless for our players
  • Crafting innovative mechanics to keep players engaged
  • Creating storyboards and wireframes to plan out the information architecture that forms the structure of the game
  • Writing stories and quests that get players excited and engaged with our games
  • Incorporating awesome feedback from users, like Dark Angel, into our games

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  • Veigar  

    Everyone is a game maker first at Pocket Gems. This means people are pushed to think broader and work together to create an awesome holistic game experience instead of solely focusing on their narrow specialization.

    - Veigar

  • Stephen  

    Coming up with fun stories, collaborating with my team members, and figuring out how to make players smile is my favorite part of working here! As well as every other part of working here. Every part of working here is my favorite part of working here.

    - Stephen

  • Cass  

    I love that the people at Pocket Gems care about the stories and characters we put into our game. It's not just "Monster Of The Week" here. We're exploring epic tales, developed characters, and in depth design strategies to seamlessly merge gameplay with narrative.

    - Cass