People and Brand

We are responsible for creating and enhancing Pocket Gems’ culture, people and brand for employees, players and our community. We represent the voice of Pocket Gems by communicating to our players, candidates, employees and industry.

Challenges We're Tackling

  • Finding the best talent to join our team!
  • Helping answer even the most challenging or obscure questions from our community
  • Figuring out how to compile and deliver feedback from our players to game teams
  • Figuring out how to break the old school assumption that you can’t have both a productive and fun office environment. PS: Mission Accomplished
  • Building systems and process to scale our people and organization – while not breaking a sweat… unless we are in the back office yoga class
  • Communicating our learnings, stories, successes and perspective with the broader industry
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  • Kenny  

    There's never been a more exciting time or place to work in mobile games than here and now. Every day, Pocket Gems creates something new and interesting and it's a real privilege to help tell those stories.

    - Kenny

  • Lauren  

    Everyday, I am energized by the impact I have on the people I work with and the company we are building. From thinking through our brand strategy to creating programs to help us scale, I get to help make Pocket Gems a better place to work. I love pushing the traditional boundaries of HR, through innovation and creativity and thinking about what Pocket Gems needs, not just what is typically done.

    - Lauren

  • Ellen  

    Three pieces of cardboard, duct tape, and two hours time can go a long way. The other day, my team drew up blueprints for a flawless and unsurpassable cardboard boat, which I then raced in the San Francisco Bay. Working at Pocket Gems is awesome. When we're not solving the most interesting challenges in mobile, we're having a blast!

    - Ellen