Product Management

The Product Team at Pocket Gems is focused on building great products that our community loves!  We take products from concept to launch and beyond.  At each step of the way, we apply both creativity and analytical thinking to understand how players engage with our games and use what we learn to build and improve it.  As a result, we’re able to shape the game experience for millions of people around the world. And perhaps most importantly, we get to work with an awesome team of engineers, testers, artists, and designers to make it all happen.

Challenges We're Tackling

  • Brainstorming new things to add to our games to make them even more fun for players
  • Investigating what drives people to engage with and continue to come back to our product
  • Understanding how design decisions influence player behavior


  • Chelsea  

    As a PM at Pocket Gems, you take on a lot of responsibility very quickly - you could be running your own team within a few months. It's incredibly satisfying to be able to work with designers to generate new feature and content ideas, work with developers and QA to implement and test those ideas, and then work with our community to iterate and improve our products. The ability to take an idea from conception to implementation is incredibly rewarding.

    - Chelsea

  • Brian  

    I love being at the intersection of design, technology, and product management. I get to spend time every day thinking about what makes games fun, and help bring new ideas to the market. Plus the people at Pocket Gems are amazing -- they're all incredibly smart and come together from all sorts of different fields, which helps us draw on a variety of experience and expertise when building our games.

    - Brian

  • Sam  

    This is the best job I've ever had because it's both continuously challenging and consistently rewarding. In the span of a week, you may complete a deep analysis, design a new feature from scratch, lead the team to build it on time, and see your design in the hands of millions of players. With such huge influence comes matching levels of responsibility and ownership, and that's a great feeling.

    - Sam