Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) at Pocket Gems is at the center of all game development activities. We work with an awesome team of artists, designers, engineers and product managers to create, test and launch products that are incredibly fun for our community. We test all the cool new graphics, designs and game concepts that our team has created to ensure that our games go out to our players with as few bugs as possible so that they can have the best experience possible.

Challenges We're Tackling

  • Bugs! Writing tests to find bugs so our games are fun for all to play!
  • Investigating issues reporters by users and team members
  • Creating test designs and frameworks to make testing our games easier and quicker
  • Ensuring that we’re up to date on the latest technologies from Apple, Amazon and Google
  • Starting up the next office club/obsession such as magic tournaments and whiskey club
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  • Kati  

    At some companies QA is a service, at PG we are part of an amazing team that is building awesome products. In QA, we are always trying to improve our processes to make each product launch more and more successful and bug-free. It's not easy, but it's great to be a part of a team who is always seeking to improve the way we do things.

    - Kati

  • Fletch  

    The QA team at Pocket Gems benefits from thoughtful integration and excellent support, both internally and interdepartmentally. QA at PG is a craft and a science, and we are empowered to proactively contribute to the development process in meaningful ways.

    - Fletch

  • Elijah  

    Every single day, I am faced with fun and interesting challenges and opportunities that enable me to learn, develop and grow in my role.

    - Elijah