Our Next Phase

At Pocket Gems, part of our vision is to create AAA-quality, 3D game experiences that are designed from the ground up for mobile. We’re building a foundation of leadership and senior game developers to design stunning mobile worlds which delight millions of players globally. We’ve also been building a proprietary mobile-first game engine with 3D and real-time multiplayer capabilities. Read more and look through our job openings here.

  • Seth  

    As a level designer for Dead Space and Battlefield projects at EA, I was able to create magnificent game worlds for our players. My goal in design has always been to bring players a sense of discovery and wonder that allows them to be immersed in gameplay.

    - Seth

  • Brian  

    Before Pocket Gems, I led development on Magic: the Gathering and design on CityVille. I think we'd all benefit from more mobile games like the above -- with rich flavor, fun mechanics and enduring gameplay. So that's what we'll make.

    - Brian

  • Dave  

    I’ve done animations for console, PC, and mobile games and see so much potential to raise the bar on mobile. I am really looking forward to see what we can do to excite core audiences on mobile screens.

    - Dave

  • Kurt  

    For over 9 years, I’ve been working in the movie and video game industries creating characters, creatures, and concepting. I have a passion for sculpting and painting and love seeing my characters come to life in games.

    - Kurt

  • Jon  

    Before Pocket Gems, I worked at CCP Games as Design Director. Having spent almost my entire life engrossed in hardcore gaming I look forward to bringing those kinds of deep, rich experiences to mobile audiences for the first time.

    - Jon

  • Alex  

    I joined PG because I wanted to build AAA quality games on mobile with the same graphics & quality as I did when I was working on the Dead Space or Bioshock games.

    - Alex

  • Aland  

    Before joining, I worked on marketing for some of the biggest titles in our industry, such as Call of Duty and Destiny. As a gamer, I fell in love with the stuff that PG is working on (top secret!!!). As a marketer, I'm here to help us build and launch the next generation of gaming blockbusters (... and have a ton of fun while doing it!)

    - Aland

  • Amber  

    It's a pleasure to work with such a data-driven company where amazing technology is at the forefront of our products. I personally love the quick turnaround times when working with our Mantis Engine, which gives mobile games real-time multiplayer and console-quality 3D graphics. It's satisfying to see players talk on our game forums about something we were just working on a week ago!

    - Amber

  • Anjali  

    We've been working hard to create the Mantis Engine and I am so excited to see it in action. We designed it specifically to handle spotty connectivity that’s generally associated with mobile networks while still having true synchronous multiplayer. It's very exciting working alongside smart people who are dedicated to revolutionize the mobile gaming world.

    - Anjali