Why you should become a Gemmer?

For starters we’re awesome. From our serious technical chops (we’re talking open source contributors, machine learning experts, game industry innovators) to our serious wall of cereal in the kitchen (we know you think everyone has it, but we ace it), we innovate mobile entertainment like it’s our job…well because it is. Plus we’re backed by Sequoia Capital, we’ve been profitable since launch, and our games are consistently in the top grossing charts.

Pocket Gems' Values

  • Always do the right thing

    Doing the right thing means acting ethically and honestly in ALL situations because we are building for the long-term and our integrity matters. Our space is dynamic and sometimes there are opportunities to cut corners by compromising ethics. We won’t do things that are unethical.

  • Work together as one team

    It’s everyone’s job to take initiative and have a company-first mindset to make PG great. Everything we do requires collaboration across teams and functions. Our best work is done together.

  • Value people and develop their greatness

    Having the best team in mobile is the key to success. Teaching, training and supporting our teammates and co-workers are crucial to developing great people. We highly value mentorship and we should never stop taking on new responsibilities or building new skills.

  • Fun comes first in our products

    We aspire to create wildly FUN games and products. Innovation and originality are the key in creating these fun products loved by all. Our respect for our community of loyal players should inspire us to make great things!

  • Care for our players

    In order to succeed, we must care for our players. We want to create amazing experiences and gameplay and we aspire to support them through excellent player support, thoughtful game design and player-first mentality.

  • Continuously iterate and improve

    We should have the attitude that we can always do or make something better. We take risks and learn from them. Iteration means collecting feedback and constantly improving on processes, projects and initiatives.

  • Our fun office

  • Our well-stocked kitchen

  • Lunch at PG is serious business!

  • Magic The Gathering is a lunch-time hobby of many

  • Our 2016 holiday party

  • We're athletic - we rock climb, do half marathons and even have yoga in the office every 2 weeks

Choose Your Gear

Trick out your computer – Mac, PC, one monitor, two monitor, red monitor, blue monitor. We let you choose your weapon.

Contribute to the Office

Every new employee gets $100 to contribute to the new office. People usually pool their money together to buy awesome things for the office like our pool table, music instruments and the occasional floating shark.

Financial Perks

Competitive salaries, a 401k plan, meaningful equity and commuter benefits are all some of the perks at Pocket Gems. Plus we cover 100% of employee health insurance premiums and 75% for partners and families.

Being a Gemmer

Amazing Events

We throw killer parties – from our annual Halloween bash where everyone dresses up, to building boats made of cardboard to our quarterly team outings, we love having fun together!

PG University

From experts in monsters to Open GL wizards, Pocket Gems University is a vehicle to bring external and internal speakers to help Gemmers continue to develop their skills and knowledge.

Our Teams

  • _NNN7627 (e)


    We create rich, immersive experiences through seamless UI, 3D animations and art.

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  • _NNN6833 (e)


    We are focused on scaling our business through marketing, BD, finance, legal and IT.

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  • _NNN7474 (proof) eng2


    We push the technical boundaries of what is possible on mobile. Oh yeah, and we build awesome games.

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  • _NNN6303 (e) design2

    Game Design

    We are focused on making our games more fun through new content, features and game mechanics!

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  • P&B 1

    People and Brand

    We are responsible for creating Pocket Gems' culture and brand for employees, players and community.

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  • _NNN7025 (e) product2

    Product Management

    We steer our game teams, build great products, and listen to and understand our players!

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  • _NNN7071 (proof) copy

    Quality Assurance

    We uphold ridiculously high standards to ensure that our games are released bug-free.

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